Movie Making


This is a great program! It’s so easy to use and good for doing many things that I need as a teacher! I can easily make slide-shows for my students now. Thanks for introducing this program!

Windows Live Movie Maker

This program is also quite easy to use. I’m glad to learn about this program. I just wish we had more time to work with it. Maybe next time, you can partner with Shawn in Drama class to let us present our dramas in a movie format. I think that would be a great idea!


Photo Manipulation with GIMP


This was a very interesting, but difficult lab. First of all, the program GIMP seems very powerful, but also like it has a steep learning curve. If you don’t know the program well, it seems like it will be very difficult to work with it. But, if you can learn it well, it can be very powerful. Still, maybe the learning curve is too steep for me to actually learn it well enough to use in my classes.


We made a pop-out picture in this class.

Here is mine:

Vector Image in Inkscape

03 - trace the turkey

This lab taught us how to draw pictures in a graphics program called Inkscape. Aaron told us the “Pen tool” is the most important tool to remember. This class was also fun because we learned a few techniques for drawing pictures.


I thought that this class was useful but difficult, and I honestly don’t really know how I’d use these skills in my classes. I think we need some more practical application things. Something like making a newsletter or a website for students.

Audio Editing with Audacity

Audio Editing

This was probably the most fun lab we did for a number of reasons:

  1. It was structured, well-organized, and easy to follow
  2. We used some very interesting sound clips and songs
  3. Sound modification is really fun! You can make cool effects and transitions!

We blended Psy’s interview with his Gangnam Style and some sound effects and then added the James Bond music and effects, as well as Skyfall! It was so interesting!

Here’s the file:


I really liked this lab and wish we could do more sound editing. I think we can do some very interesting things with Audacity, and I’m not afraid of editing music any more!

Audio Editing Interview and Karaoke Song

Audacity Karaoke

In this lab, we used Audacity to record our voices and create a karaoke song (no singing) from a famous song (Gangnam Style and Skyfall).

Here is my interview:


I thought this lab was very useful to teach me how to record my voice and edit it or other sounds (including songs) for use in my classroom. This is very helpful for me to make Listening Tests for my students. But I wish we could have spent more time learning how to clean up our speaking files.

My Personal PPT

In this class, we had to make a PPT about any subject we chose. I chose a KOTESOL presentation.

This is my KOTESOL Presentation for the 2012 Jeonju/North Jeolla Regional Conference: “Teachers as Chameleons – Adapting to Our Changing Context.”

My presentation is called: “Technology Upgrade: Build a Foundation for Enhanced Teaching with a Customized Grade Book.”

Click here to download the original PPTX presentation.


I thought this was a good class, but not structured enough, and it had too many requirements, so it took too long to do the assignment. But, actually, before this class, I was not very good at PPT, but because of the requirements, I had to learn how to do them well. So, I guess this was a beneficial class.

Here is a link to notes from my talk.

Student Database in Access

One of the most difficult things we did in Aaron’s class was make a Student Database in MS Access. Actually, I couldn’t understand how to do it very well and it was rather confusing. I also didn’t know why we would want to or need to make one, but I guess the program is useful and powerful if you have a reason for doing it.

We needed to make:

  1. A database
  2. A Report
  3. A Form
  4. A Query

Here’s mine:


Excel Gradebook

Gradebook Description

One of the first and most interesting classes we did was creating an Excel Gradebook in Aaron’s Technology lab. We worked on it for two weeks because it was such a long process. But, even though it took a long time, I feel like I really learned a lot of good information about making a gradebook and tracking student progress.
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Portable Apps and Dropbox

Portable Apps

Portable Apps and Dropbox

Portable Apps are applications and programs that I can install and use on my USB. That way, I can take them anywhere and use them on any computer.

Dropbox is a “cloud” website and program that lets you store your documents on a server somewhere so that you can access them and download them at any time and on any computer.


I think Portable Apps are great! I never knew that you could carry programs around with you on your USB! It’s such a great idea because I use some of these programs often and I just hate needing to install them all again on new computers!

I think Dropbox is great as well because this way I don’t need to worry about carrying my USB with me to different computers. Also, if I save something in the Dropbox folder, it automatically updates to the server so that I can access it from any computer with Dropbox installed. No more emailing files to myself or taking the USB! But, there is at least one disadvantage to Dropbox: the limited space (I think Naver Drive gives me 20-50 GB, but Dropbox is only 2GB for free).

Anyway, overall, both are useful and helpful!